XuniPlay Dooh – released release 4.20!

XuniPlay Dooh – release 4.20!

In addition to the launch of the new XuniPlay website, we have released XuniPlay Dooh 4.20, the latest release.

We have introduced significant innovations for the Digital Out of Home channel and the advertising field like the possibility to manage adverting campaigns in programmatic, which means to plan creativities independently from the SSP (Supply-Side Platform or Sell-Side Platform).

From now on, it is possible to use XuniPlay Applications in the ad campaigns in programmatic in order to realize original effects and attractive and efficient communications.

Another new feature is the combination between XuniPlay Applications and external parameters: this allows the XuniPlay App to react in a certain way when a specific third party’s event occurs.

The Real-Sync option has been introduced for the XuniPlay Applications as well and now dynamic contents can be showed in sync on more digital points in applications.


  • Programmatic Ad
  • App Library available for Programmatic Ad
  • External inputs in-App configuration
  • In-App Real-Sync
  • Bug-fix

Even Engagement Hub – the XuniPlay Phygital section dedicated to the customers’ engagement activities – has been improved. In the customer care logic, we have introduced the communication to customers of tickets assignment.


  • Ticket assignment communication
  • Bug-fix

As always, we update XuniPlay products every few weeks to keep them efficient and responsive to the market trends. Some things we never stop doing are the already existing features improvement, bug-fixing, and general optimization.

For any further information about products or the latest release of XuniPlay, the 4.20, contact us!

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