XuniPlay and Sonata together for the Real Sync in mobile and DOOH!

XuniPlay and Sonata integration for Hyperlocal Marketing

The integration between XuniPlay Dooh software and the Sonata cross-media platform is now a reality!

Times Square: one of the most popular places of Digital Out of Home advertising is the

The integration between our XuniPlay Dooh software and the Sonata cross-media platform is now a reality.

We collaborated with TapTap, the tech company specializing in mobile marketing, to make it possible to use hyperlocal strategies even in Italian out-of-home digital networks.

The combination of real-sync technologies, advertising, mobile networks and Digital Out of Home intensifies the appeal of hyperlocal marketing for all markets.

This rapidly growing branch of marketing revolutionizes the relationship between business and customer from 1: many to 1: 1. The number of searches "near me" is constantly increasing. Thanks to Siri, Alexa, OK Google, synchronized ads engage + 127% more. Imagine answering your customers' questions with personalized messages, at the right time: WOW!

Through integration with Sonata, advertising campaigns, broadcast via XuniPlay Dooh on DOOH networks, communicate with mobile phones. Once a specific hyperzone has been created for each digital location, Sonata's complex algorithms detect and locate, in real time, anyone in the area who clicks on ads on their mobile phone. At this point Sonata sends a report to XuniPlay Dooh which immediately airs the same creativity on the nearby digital venue.

This collaboration made possible the first real-sync campaign a few days ago around Milan.

With hyperlocal marketing and real-sync technologies you can satisfy all your desires to launch exclusive offers and promotions, create retargeting campaigns and send the right communication to your customer just when they are looking for it.

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