XuniPlay Video

Enterprise videoportals, streamingIPTV

Manage and distribute live or on-demand, create your video-portals and channel, get control of your contents with an integrated Digital Asset Management.

XuniPlay Video matches security and scalability requirements of enterprise environments.

Cross-device experience

With XuniPlay Video no work on contents for sizing them.

XuniPlay Video transcodes your digital content automatically for all displays and devices.

Your ideas will be always ready and will fit any kind of smartphone, tablet, computer, totem, led-wall.


Media content at your fingertips

XuniPlay Video offers an easy-to-use, personalized, and user authenticated User Management console, set also for external providers integration. 

The DAM - Digital Asset Management, included in XuniPlay Video, is the plus for your audience who will have a centralized and up-to-date digital contents archive.

Your Enterprise Tube

XuniPlay Video can be the public or private container of all the company’s videos. Create your video-portal and organize your contents: users will find orderly topics for an easy video-portal surfing.

Customize it and use the smart preview for a better management.


Integrated player

Arrange a web-player and offer video contents in a custom frame.

XuniPlay Video web-player based its potential on specific metadata, user-based authorizations, the dynamic management of contents along with contents rating, user’s history and a real-time proposal. With all these features it is able to recommend the users’ favorite topics and show concerning videos.

Become and offer the new smart content platform!

One video-portal for all contents

Offer the possibility to watch video on-demand, live events, and linear channels from just one portal.

Give the opportunity to your audience to download media contents, based on permissions; let your spectators looking for specific topicsdateauthor, and more.


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