Discover the Phygital Experience

Physical + digital = phygital

How XuniPlay let people interact naturally with things and spaces through digital devices.


All XuniPlay products are "phygital-ready" from release 4.x which means that any XuniPlay product has native phygital feature to implement human interactions trhtough screens, mobile and IoT devices natively interconnected by Xuniplay.

The first massive test-run for the Phygital Experience run by XuniPlay was Expo 2015, where the system served more than 21mln people in 6 months.



The seamless integration of interactive contents and apps across mobiles, screens, totems, kiosks allow to build up a real cross-media experience where the technology becomes the natural way to interact with spaces and things.

XuniPlay provides native mobile features and a rich SDK to integrate mobile applications to easy develop cross-media experiences.


XuniPlay provides, through the engagement hub module, a full framework to develop native applications for mobile and screens.

The framework provides a huge stack of tools to easily manage all commons technologies and items required by developers.


Phygital Heritage

Cultural heritage is at the present day in a period of strong innovation where new digital tech are pushing the touristic market achieving outstanding results (+9% in Italy in 2017).

Museums, Parks, Districts as Cities are searching for new solution to provide smart services to users trying to interconnet deeply with them while providing immersive experiences, catching new users or r

XuniPlay provides a full-stack of tools to innovate experiences based on digital tools which are natively integrated with A.I., Big Data and Augmented Reality systems to create a unique cress-device experience to users. 


Cuddle your clients offering them creative and singular experiences and games, extemporary events, interactive and multichannel experiences sharable on Social Networks. 

XuniPlay offers a configurator for applications through which transforms totems and touch monitors in game stations for Memory or Virtual Postcard, and more.

An additional engaging idea is the Treasure Hunt game via app: a digital and interactive hunt with riddles to be solved for gaining a prize.


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