15 Mar 2019 - Digital Advertising

XuniPlay Reckon: the value of Out of Home

XuniPlay-DigitalAdv-Reckon-countWiFipeople from fabbricadigitale on Vimeo.

OOH and DOOH markets are mature now for a sale paradigm change of advertising spaces and a product placement strategies variation in stores, supermarkets, and more.

How? Through the introduction of people counting tools and the analysis and assessment method of data collection.

XuniPlay Reckon is the device, GDPR compliant, that gives value to the Out of Home venues thanks to the collection of real data coming from the people’s device wi-fi signals.

The tool – available also stand-alone, without any integration with XuniPlay Dooh or other third parties’ digital signage software – allows publisher and media companies to offer the Out of Home advertising spaces following the same logics of TV, radio, and web adv, not as a copy of an already existent system, but as a new monetization per area and time slot. An available space in Milan city center, during rush hour, in the week of “Salone del Mobile” can be valued differently from the same one available in night hours on August 15th.

XuniPlay Reckon gathers data in real-time and stores them to create an archive useful for the audience analysis.

Large-scale distributors and retail can study these data and understand customer’s behaviors, value exposition areas, influence the customer’s journey. In fact, not only people and Opportunity To See numbers are important, but even dwell time and distance from the device are useful to guarantee analysis to identify transit and rest areas, have the sense of how efficient are the casted messages and showed products in a certain place, and much more.

Today, the Out of Home is a value multiplier.

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