21 Mar 2019 - Digital Advertising

The Out of Home advertising with XuniPlay Dooh

The Out of Home advertising in Italy and in the whole world is living a great revolution, a digital transformation that asks for a change in elements, rhythm, and paradigms 태양의 후예 노래 다운로드.

XuniPlay Dooh is in this scenario.

XuniPlay Dooh, for years used to satisfy digital signage needs for internal and external corporate communication and advertising and promotional activities, is keeping growing and today it offers the best web features rethought to answer to the Out of Home requests 어김없이 다운로드.

One aspect that makes XuniPlay Dooh one of the main products on the market is given by its features dedicated to the Out of Home advertising centos 5 5 64bit 다운로드.

Digital advertising in Out of Home

But why adopt XuniPlay Dooh asx 파일?

Its grounded and complex infrastructure makes it a software able to manage big numbers of data, contents (any format) and different compositions, weave planning together and – at the same time – highlight the available spaces google drive materials. Yes, the unsold adv spaces are clearly visible for an immediate management!

But there’s more. XuniPlay Dooh is programmatic-ready in Digital Out of Home networks download dcinside. Selling DOOH spaces in Opportunity To See, in addition to add value to venues and digital points, allows to automate processes and always satisfy publishers and advertisers from the wilderness.

The programmatic sales proposal includes also the chance to gather real-time data to analyze and define clusters and targets 고서이 다운로드. For these reasons, XuniPlay Dooh has its own data lake, which can be integrated with third-parties ones, and – through Business Intelligence tools – it processes data and returns useful info, not vulnerable to human errors anymore Download a batch of webpage files.

There are several adv possibilities available in XuniPlay Dooh: from Weather Marketing campaigns, to hyperlocal strategies and sync creativities outputs Schutz Season 4 Download.

It’s DOOH time!

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