XuniPlay Reckon: the value of Out of Home

XuniPlay Reckon : the value of the Out of Home.

XuniPlay Reckon, the OOH audience measurement tool that adds value to your OOH network with people counting.

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The standard and digital OOH markets are now ripe for a paradigm shift in the sale of advertising space and the variation of product positioning strategies in a shop, supermarket or other.

As? Through the introduction of the people counting tool in the circuits and the analysis and adaptation of the data collection method and parameters.

XuniPlay Reckon is the device, GDPR compliant, which enhances Out of Home offices by collecting real data from the wi-fi signal of the devices of people passing in front of XuniPlay Reckon.

Large-scale distribution and retail outlets can study this data and understand consumer behavior, enhance the display areas and influence the customer journey. In fact, not only the number of people and the Opportunity To See are useful indicators, but also the time taken and the distance from the device guarantee a series of analyzes necessary to identify the transit and parking areas, understand how reachable the messages transmitted are. or products displayed at some point and more.

Today the Out of Home is also a value multiplier.

The tool - also available stand-alone, therefore without integration with XuniPlay Dooh software or other digital signage software - allows publishers and media companies to sell out-of-home advertising space following the same logic as television, radio and web. , not as an adaptation to what already exists, but as a new OOH monetization model: by area and time slot. A space available in the city center of Milan, during peak hours, during the week dedicated to the Salone del Mobile can now be enhanced in a different way than the same available on the night of August 15th.

XuniPlay Reckon collects data in real time and stores it to create a history useful for audience analysis.

XuniPlay Reckon: people counter
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