Digital signage for the corporate communication

Corporate communication

Digital signage for corporate communication

Digital signage is one of the communication tools now widely used also within companies.

For corporate communication, in fact, we no longer rely on physical bulletin boards and simple massive e-mails, but digital and innovative methods are adopted for better dissemination of messages and greater involvement of employees and managerial areas.

Digital totems, led-walls, monitors are installed in the common areas and corridors of the offices and digital signage software adopted to manage the publications on these devices. The options made available by digital signage are numerous; among the most common are the possibility to program schedules, to publish contents in real time - according to the needs, to support formats and therefore creativity, to create messages profiled by branch and branch.

Speed, flexibility and respect for the environment (paper free organizations!) Are the aspects to focus on.

XuniPlay Dooh is also a digital signage software and there are many companies that use it daily, some developing ad hoc customizations for specific needs.

Read here the cases of Siemens e FCA Group and discover XuniPlay Dooh for corporate communication!

Corporate Communication con XuniPlay Dooh in FCA Group - brand identity

Corporate Communication with XuniPlay Dooh in FCA Group

Corporate communication

Corporate communication and digital signage

Corporate Communication in Siemens

Corporate Communication in Siemens

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