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Find out XuniPlay strengths

Parallel Playout

Possibility to play several Shows simultaneously, in parallel, allowing the switch among one to another thanks to automatic or manual commands and through specific mobile applications with the “remote control” function.


Full support of all multimedia formats with their specific transcoding, transmuxing and transrate.


Playout complete resilience and reliability thanks to the adoption of internal and external watchdogs, the use of hardware watchdogs, and automatic countermeasures to non-standard functioning scenarios, and temporary contents or shows in case of emergency.


Playout support for the different Set Top Box hardware technologies (Intel proessors and Arm), for all the OS (Windows, Linux, Android), for any web environment, for all the mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), for smart TV and Samsung Smart Signage technologies.


High-tech, ultra-responsive, multipersonas, safe, configurable, multidevices, and adaptive back-office interfaces.


Full support of 4k and 8k UHD formats in any product function (ingestion, transcoding, storage, indexing, retrieving, scheduling, transport, playout, etc.).


Proprietary technology for video and led walls realization, unlimited in terms of monitors quantity and final shape. This technology permits a very easy wall installation and configuration, and a simple operative management.


Proprietary technology that allows you to set contents composed of algorithms of automatic or influenced choice. This technology make you decide the general rules of show schedule composition and the shows behavior for a constant renewal of playouts and system behaviors. The parameters, also used in algorithms, are sensitive to important external and dynamic factors.


It is the product evolution towards the “off-screen” world. This is possible thanks to an integrated, dynamic and smart management based on “on-screen” features. The technology is able to integrate and coordinate the home automation functions and to control the external peripheral devices, lights, sound, environment parameters, and video-communication devices with playouts.


This technology lets you configure physical and virtual environments for creating the required and desired experience. You can specify the available devices and features you want to manage for each environment. In addition, every environment can have specific delivery, contents and security rules.


It is the App paradigm designed for the integrated multimedia platforms, dedicated to the mobile world. In addition to the basic features (“horizontal” type), it is possible to add further functions for creating “vertical” solutions, through the App development. You can guarantee a complete coverage to the customers’ multimedia and cross-media needs, and you can have a wide range of applications already developed and ready to be used, and their source format.


The feature distinguishes the platform, in fact it allows the complete integration of the different enterprise-level multimedia playouts, and the integrated management of Digital Signage, interactive kiosks, web TV, webcasting, streaming, mobile, and smart TV.


The platform, in all its components – interfaces, apps, API – supports the most modern web criteria and standards (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, WebRTC, etc.). In particular, it is possible to develop front-end and back-end apps in HTML5/JS for vertically enriching the product features. Just here, the back-office offers the chance to develop plug-in and extensions, creating an unlimited number of customizations for the platform.


Full mobile access with dynamic and adaptive interfaces and native mobile apps for the platform administration. The platform permits, with specific SDK, to integrate its contents in the mobile apps as simple or complex and organized shows. Mobile is supported through the entire product chain, from the management to the playouts.


The product gathers from the playouts a complete and important amount of information for detailed analysis. The product has reporting and Business Intelligence tools, in addition to the possibility to enable the “OpenBI” program, which allows to export and access all the “row” info for integration and analysis.


The platform is “open” because, through a specific subscription, it is possible to gather all data and info for integrating it to the system and accessing the product protocols. It is highly recommended to use standard protocols and formats recognized by the market.


It is possible to access and manage the entire product thanks to a sophisticated API system that allows the management in the applicative integration way. The multilayer structure and the availability of a wide range of API make possible the integration in any level and with different complexity degrees. Classes and several development languages are available for the XuniPlay DEV.


It is a set of technologies implemented in the platform for the company’s network protection. These technologies define in detail the contents distribution modalities and their used bands; allow adopting smart peer-to-peer distribution mechanisms; defines and implements a net of platform native cache. Powerful monitoring and control functions are integrated in these technologies, verifiable and manageable in real-time, through smart web dashboards.


The platform is 100% compatible with Microsoft Lync, the real-time communication & collaboration infrastructure. The integration of these two systems creates a platform with video assistance, video concierge and emergency functions.


The platform supports all the management protocols of real-time videos, also in no-latency. The different live videos and video-communication worlds, in addition to the WebRTC technology are fully supported.


In order to guarantee the FullEngagement, the platform manages, measures, recognizes, profiles and analyzes its users and audience. The platform tries to identify and manage each contents consumer, in named and unnamed/anonymous modality. It is possible to follow and analyze the users’ behaviors using technical or personal parameters spontaneously or automatically gathered; it is possible to collect and use the Mac addresses, phone numbers, morphological markers, IMEI, Mac Bluetooth, and parameters that recognize each user’s behavior and movement.


The Audinate DANTE protocol is the perfect support for the distribution technologies and the audio-professional playouts in a complete DigitalShow viewpoint. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to manage high sophisticated audio solutions like sound systems in wide areas (shopping centers, theme parks, fairs, etc.).


This technology gives full support to new and smart monitors with calculating capacity in order to make them independent from external devices like Set-Top box or PCs. Thanks to Samsung international partnership program, we offer a complete support to its SmartSignage technologies.


The platform wants to engage its users and, meantime, guarantee different multimedia contents transmission. In order to reach this purpose, the platform supports any type of technological engagement, such as touch, imagine analysis, iBeacon, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more.


The platform guarantees specific circuits and players realization for supporting the most recent advertising standards. Many interfaces are available for the automatic algorithms creation in order to design advertising schedules (for example the full support of the IAB VAST 3.0 protocol). Each reporting follows the standards and allows further customizations through easy redefinitions in XML of generation formulas.


Each component of the platform is designed for guaranteeing the maximum information security. Communications occur on safe protocols and through the creation, in a very transparent way, of virtual encrypted nets for protecting also the info transportation phase. In addition to these security measures, it is possible to manage the allowed users’ actions and define the platform access type. Contents are coded and profiled depending on their access degree in terms of security.

Phygital Experience

Integrated technological system dedicated to the management of customer’s (visitor’s) needs in a well-defined and controlled space, indoor or outdoor, thanks to the complete integration of all the available technologies.