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Web TV & Streaming

The WebTV & Streaming module represents all the modern and efficient audio-video communications and streaming solutions.
It manages and streams live and on-demand contents directly on Internet/intranet; it includes tools for creating live events on web, broadcasted also on Digital Signage or mobile player networks.

Self Provisioning Red

Self Provisioning

Full control through self-service web features.

Web Portal Integration Red

Web portal integration

Simple integration functions for external web portals.

Multiscreen Red


Custom and multiscreen video player for Vod and live broadcast on any device.

Broadcast Grade Red

Broadcast grade

Platform designed for a broadcaster and carrier use.

Mobile Compliant Red

Mobile compliant

Full support for mobile devices use (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Phygital Experience Red

Phygital Experience

Add a Phygital tool to WebTV module and live a real Phygital Experience.

This XuniPlay module satisfies any need relating to data transmission: from streaming and Web TV events to sophisticated solutions for TV broadcaster. The benefits are a flexible development environment and a great code-less parametrization.

The click-driven function for creating video-portals, ready to host on-demand or live contents, allows anyone to manage professionally any request, confirming an extreme user-friendly system.

XuniPlay has several features that make it a professional environment for the management and control of Web TV and Streaming enterprise grade:

  • Module of management of live events + software encoder available for any kind of device;
  • web-based interface that allows the full control of contents and publications;
  • full support of the most developed adaptive formats;
  • the automatic transcoding even for mobile;
  • self-provisioning portals or players that can be integrated in one-click in any website or portal.
Regia Università Bicocca

Monitor Touch Regia – Università Bicocca Monza

Video Player Video Mediaset

VideoPlayer  – Video Mediaset 

The cross-platform modules of Digital Asset Management, automatic transcoding, business intelligence and customer management, allow a complete native integration of Web TV and streaming module with all the others XuniPlay features.

It is easy to schedule a live event on your own video-portal and make it available on digital signage monitors, informative totems, operating kiosks, social networks personal pages or mobile applications at the same time.

The possibility to operate in web provisioning environments that do not require any ability in developing or application integration makes it very easy-to-use. XuniPlay offers developing environments with SDK and API on any level for a complete and professional application integration capacity.