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Totem & Kiosk White

Totem & Kiosk

The Totem & Kiosk module makes possible the integration of pre-installed devices and innovative ones (totem with webcams, printers, optical readers, etc.), and the customization of its applications answering to specific needs.

All Devices Yellow

All devices

Integrated support for a wide range of multivendor hardware devices.

Full Control Yellow

Full Control

Full control and monitoring of all the hardware components of the solution.

App Extension Yellow

App Extension

Possibility to develop applications to be integrated with the standard product.

Terze Parti Sw Integration

Third Party SW integration

Integrated support for preexisting and third parties software applications.

Exsisting Preservation

Existing Preservation

Chance to completely recover preexisting hardware and software.

Phygital Experience Yellow

Phygital Experience

Add a Phygital tool to Totem module and live a real Phygital Experience.

Totem Milano - Clear Channel

Totem Milano – Clear Channel

XuniPlay is equipped with a client-side module specialized in Totem and Kiosk management.
This specialization allows a full control on the system in any function and in its tools and additional peripheral devices.
It is possible to take advantage of the software native features for managing well-structured and interactive shows, and to use apps developed as environment add-on for creating solutions focused on the totems or kiosks use.

This module offers support to possible pre-existing applications, developed without the assistance of specific SDK, in this way it is possible to verify the applications during their implementation, intercept and solve issues, start or stop the application in a native XuniPlay show.

Strengths of this module are control and monitoring: you can manage existing networks, designed and enabled through different software.

Monitoring and control modules, watchdog and auto-recovery systems, embedded security component, predictive failure and automatic response analysis, guarantee total and peerless networks reliability and resilience.

XuniPlay native support, towards the most common devices, kiosks or totems, makes possible a high and total reliability and a centralized management of most of the usual maintenance issues, guaranteeing a network efficiency high-level.

Wayfinding App Totem - Expo Milano 2015

Wayfinding App Totem – Expo Milano 2015

Case Study: EXPO 2015


Digital Engagement project for a 1ML m2 exhibition area.
The aim was to educate, inform and thrill the visitor before, during and after Expo2015.

XuniPlay manages the essential 4 channels of the digital experience:

  • Mobile
  • Websites
  • Edutainment touch totems
  • Interactive e-walls (18 monitors)
  • 500 Beacons

The platform provided and managed 17.674 contents and produced 9,9 million touch interactions on its screens during the six months’ exposition.
Thanks to XuniPlay back-office, Expo2015 editorial staff updated contents in three languages, in real-time, and addressed them to different communication channels.


  • Exhibition

Hardware components:

  • 44 bifacial touch totems
  • 18 E-Walls
  • 500 Beacons

Used modules:

  • Totems & Kiosks
  • Digital Signage
  • SRM with Wayfinding
  • Mobile