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Phygital Tools

The Phygital Tools module represents the new way of visiting a place, a city, a museum, a shopping centre, a store, a boutique, any place.
The physical space of your world and the simultaneous digital experience created by XuniPlay make your customer lives an extraordinary experience, intensifying the customer engagement and enhancing your brand awareness.

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All Engagement

Support of all technologies that helps to manage people interaction in and with the physical space.

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Architectures and features designed to guarantee the most reliable functioning.

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API and SDK make the platform easy to integrate.

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The product is constantly updated.



It is the singular product able to connect all the features for the digital relationship management between the user and the physical space.

Smart City Totem Siracusa 2014

Smart City Totem – Siracusa 2014

Thanks to continuous improvements and technological devices developments, a new “universe” of features, called Phygital Experience, has been created.

This innovative technology allows users to live an experience between the familiar world and a technologically advanced digital one.

The fully integrated set of features and the traditional ones, like Digital Signage, Totem & Kiosk, Mobile, make XuniPlay the unique worldwide platform able to manage any aspect of the user’s experience inside a well-defined space. This is a perfect features mix that before was available just through the use of different tools.

Phygital Experience module application, integrated with other XuniPlay modules, was employed in the Expo2015 digital experience, in addition to funfairs, exhibitions, campus, shopping centers.

The Phygital Experience, thanks to the powerful SDK and API integration, makes XuniPlay the one and only software that can satisfy specific expectations.

Through the Phygital Experience objects and features, it is possible to create a hierarchical system of domains and sub-domains that allows delegating their complete or partial management to third party.

Cinecittà World

Booking App Totem – Cinecittà World 

Phygital Tools Modules

Point of Interest

The module allows the Point Of Interest management. The user can easily define its features and place them in an outdoor indoor map enabling the full management of GPS positioning through way & geo finding, itinerary and aroundme modules.

The possible Object Of Interest management (things without a precise spatial localization) authorizes to complete the points of interest with a non-physical spatial dimension.

Point of Interest


The platform allows the management of itineraries approved by the platform administrators or configured by users. Itineraries can include Point of Interest, Object of interest, Events and others.

For each itinerary, it is possible to define contents, a multimedia contents collection, and customizable and parameterized features set by the platform administrators.


The module includes a complete events and scheduling management with the full integration of POI set as the events physical location.

With the booking module integration, it is possible to manage the events booking on POI and their settings (for example seats number and place).

In addition to the standard settings, such as multimedia galleries and multichannel descriptions, it is possible to set further features for complex events.

 Way Finding

Way Finding

The platform has in it, through an integrated navigation engine, the possibility to manage 3D wayfinding solutions for buildings, and geographical way finding on Google maps or other providers.

We provide specific modules for mobile apps, web, totems and kiosks or directory applications integrated with POI and 3D wayfinding management.

The way & geo finding engine is integrated with POI/OOI management, and it has a very easy visual modality. The search engine captures the POI positions, and it creates the route thanks its own real-time and path finding algorithm.

It is possible to manage preferential routes for the disabled, and include temporary barriers or inaccessible areas. Way & geo finding solutions are available for wearable devices too.


The platform allows the connection of Beacon major vendors and producers.
With the platform standard features and administrator-approved parametrical attributes, it is possible to handle every beacon. The platform offers a beacons deployment and tests application for property improvement.
Each beacon has content and control response settings that can be managed, considered their distance, via mobile devices.

Each beacon can be linked to POI, OOI, and Itinerary, and integrated in the platform wayfinding and localization engine.

Around Me

Around Me

A powerful algorithm for space and time search gathers the interests list easily thanks to POI, OOI and events integration. It works for physical and temporal distances (in case of events).

Web, mobile applications, and modern wearable devices can take advantage of the around me features.

Queueing & Booking


The Booking module, integrated with Events and POI management ones, allows booking seats for an event placed on a certain POI; all the event physical features are manageable. The module includes services for the web and mobile app integration.


The queueing module allows a full digital queueing management to access a place, attraction or event. It is integrated with the booking system, and it has a smart booking recall system managed via mobile or sms alerting. The system includes ready-to-use modules for mobile apps and totems (booking output or calling display). All features are available for all mobile environments.

Queueing & Booking
 Wi-Fi Walled Garden

Wi-Fi Walled Garden

The platform has an integrated management system for walled garden/captive portal for Wi-Fi nets.

It is really easy to enhance the customer engagement thanks to the addition of specific multimedia contents in the user’s portal.

Smart Sensoring

The platform can be integrated with different home and building automation systems available in the market; it has also the Alljoyn standard protocol.

The platform gathers information from the smart sensoring systems through configurable response-set; it is possible to specify automatic actions and define commands following specific attributes based on the user’s position, get by beacons, wayfinding systems and geo-localization via mobile.

Smart Sensoring
Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics

The platform combines different analytic engines for people counting activities or automatic surveys for collecting data relating to attention, age, sex, mood and audience. Data are gathered via webcam or video camera connected to the platform and are connected to each other. The standard audience data detection, in real-time, gives an immediate feedback for an instant show schedule change.

Each data collection is immediately sent to a repository that makes business intelligence processing and integrations with existing legacy systems.


Through XuniPlay BackOffice enables to define geographical areas of interest: the platform can detect when a customer enters, leaves, or stays using only the smartphone GPS.
For each area it’s possible to set different multimedia contents and interactions, that show up when the customer stays into the defined spot.

Proximity Radar

Proximity Radar

Every XuniPlay player uses onboard antennas to track Wi-Fi and Bluetooth around it. The gathered data are used for audience analysis and to engage nearby customers.

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