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Smartphones and tablets are now the most important user’s personal devices.
Thanks to the easy interaction, portability, and people habits, extending the experience to those devices will be a winning try.

All Os Purple

All OS

Mobile support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Mobile for Customer Purple

Mobile for Customers

The platform distributes any mobile format.

Mobile for Administrator Purple

Mobile for Administrators

All the product interfaces are compatible with mobile devices.

Wearable devices Purple

Wearable devices

Support for the new typologies of wearable devices (smartwatch, smart-glasses).

Reliability Purple


Architectures and features designed to guarantee the most reliable functioning.

Phygital Experience Purple

Phygital Experience

With the full phygital tools and mobile devices integration, live a real Phygital Experience.

The integration between XuniPlay and the mobile world is complete.

Using a native mobile application that simulates a mobile video-portal, it is possible to publish its own shows; our App can be used for live events and on-demand contents and for show schedules and Digital Signage shows.

Thanks to a digital signage player release for Android, it is possible to create different solutions on many available devices, for example a tablet with interactive mini-display for shelf or stand for retail and GDO industry.

Besides the web services of the product standard SDK, native libraries are available for the three main mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). These libraries consent the integration of XuniPlay features and the mobile applications, both in video and Spatial Relationship Management.

Software and mobile integration has become also an application (iOS and Android) for the platform monitoring and management: from your own mobile or tablet, you can receive push notifications relating to the events created by the software, and an adaptive dashboard shows the status of all services managed by XuniPlay in a single main screen.

Wayfinding App Android - Cinecittà Word

Wayfinding App Android – Cinecittà World