05 Jun 2019 - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 e nuovi strumenti digitali di gestione

The importance to be part of the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, the process that will bring the industrial production to a complete automatic and interconnected one, is the key for companies that want to reach high standards Gaugan.

Where to begin?

We consider the data use the fundamental of the entire process. Collect them, organize, elaborate, make them readable and offer them based on needs, targets and roles is the reason we have created XuniPlay DEApp 플러그인 다운로드.

XuniPlay DEApp is a structured application, enterprise-class, that shows all the digitized information useful to the Shop Floor Management, offers a touch navigation of contents dedicated to blue collars, you can customize it following the production managers’ requirements, it is possible to integrate it with the factory systems, and provides monitoring tools 커맨드앤컨커 다운로드.

Find all details about XuniPlay DEApp and Shop Floor Management here!