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Digital Signage White

Digital Signage

The Digital Signage module provides a new approach for multi-monitor and multi-device technologies; it is Phygital oriented: it manages a total interactive experience with the surrounding environment.

Interactive Light Blue


Full support of all the hardware and software technologies for the interactivity management.

Full Engagement Light Blue

Full Engagement

Complete features and tools for the latest state-of-the-art customer engagement.

All devices Light Blue

All devices

Support of a wide range of multivendor hardware devices for the complete and full control via software.

Reliability Light Blue


Dedicated architectures and features that guarantee the most reliable functioning and the best stability.

App Extension Light Blue

App Extension

Possibility to develop real applications to be integrated in the standard product.

Phygital Experience Light Green

Phygital Experience

Add a Phygital tool to Digital Signage and live a real Phygital Experience.

E-Wall Expo Milano 2015

E-Wall – Expo Milano 2015

XuniPlay manages both simple and complex digital signage circuits with the latest paradigms of digital engagement and advanced interactivity.

Thanks to the playout module in any operative environment (Linux, Windows, Android e Samsung SmartSignage), it is possible to easily create heterogeneous and scalable networks.
The full support of Arm Cortex architectures allows the software to operate in difficult environments, like transportation and military fields.

It is possible to create extremely powerful Digital Shows, easily and in a visual modality, thanks to the complete native management of any interactive technology such as capacitive and inductive touch, radar touch, Kinect, support of external devices (NFC, video analytics, i/o).

XuniPlay, with its own SuperSync technology, gives the possibility to create video-walls that have no limits in size and formats.

Native iOS and Android applications allow you to control and manage video portals and streaming contents thanks to the mobile device. This feature lets you to have supervision and control on the most complete Anywhere & Anytime logics.

XuniPlay is also the ideal environment for the development of applications that can be perfectly integrated with the product, both in playouts and in back-office. It is possible to develop vertical solutions and maintain the powerful and shared functions, such as the Digital Asset Manager (with the transcoding automatic features), business intelligence, customer management and video analytics.

E-Wall Expo Milano 2015 2

E-Wall – Expo Milano 2015