Digital signage for the corporate communication

Nowadays, digital signage is one of the most popular communication tools in corporates too cwm 다운로드.

No more notice boards or simple massive e-mails, but digital and innovative ways for a modern corporate communication for a best diffusion of messages and a higher engagement of employees and managers 공사지명원 다운로드.

Digital totems, led-walls, monitors have been installed in public and transit areas of corporates branches and software of digital signage have been adopted to manage show schedule on these devices 윈도우10 gpedit.msc 다운로드. The available options are several; the most common are the possibility to schedule shows and/or broadcast contents in real-time, the chance to put no restraints to creativity, to create personalized messages per office, location, area 구글 영상 다운로드.

Velocity, flexibility, and respect for the environment (paper free organizations!) are the aspects to follow.

XuniPlay Dooh is also a digital signage software and many companies have already adopted it by using its features daily, some of them have developed custom functions based on their needs Hard Truck Download.

Read about the success cases of Siemens and FCA Group and meet XuniPlay Dooh for the corporate communication Topaz!

Corporate Communication with XuniPlay Dooh in FCA Group - brand identity

Corporate Communication with XuniPlay Dooh in FCA Group

Corporate communication

Corporate communication and digital signage

Corporate Communication in Siemens

Corporate Communication in Siemens

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