11 Apr 2019 - Retail

Digital in stores: roles and paths redefinition

If Retail seems to be in a critical situation, it is not just because of the e-commerce success, but it depends on a wider scenario: the digital revolution 악녀일기 다운로드.

Some of the giants of on-line sales have opened physical stores in the last years but they experimented new formats, broke free from traditional stores implied constrictions, observed the new customer journey created by the digital diffusion first and translated it for Retail then Head Soccer Donberg download. Today the customer journey is a tangled intersection of moments and actions and the retail has to define its role: personalize the relationship with customer, reward the loyalty, communicate in an engaging way and be reachable every day 컨저링 2 다운로드.

One successful step is the physical transformation of spaces through the installation of monitors, led-walls, digital points volcanic whales. Customers in stores will be more engaged thanks to a creative, dynamic, and original communication, can interact and collect information and details in real-time and share them via social networks 밥블레스유 5화 다운로드. Opportunities given by the digital are more than those of the traditional that can – actually have to – coexist.

Monitors in TIM store

Our product XuniPlay Dooh has been adopted by several realities of retail sector and results are positive and encouraging for anyone who desires to take the next step, those toward the digital 최신가요 2018 다운로드.

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