IEP! Interest, Engage, Personalize!

IEP! Interest, Engage, Personalize!

Times Square: one of the most popular places of Digital Out of Home advertising is the

Which is one of the biggest differences between OOH advertising and DOOH advertising? We think that the concept can be explained by the IEP paradigm, our paradigm actually 😉: Interest, Engage, Personalize!

“I” stands for “to Interest”. It means that the digital out of home advertising is able to catch the attention and arouse the audience’s curiosity more than the standard and static out of home billboards. Humans are interested and intrigued by dynamic images: it is natural!

“E” is “to Engage”: our paradigm communicates the ability of the digital out of home advertising to decline contents in such an innovative way to engage the audience and people’s involvement means interest, which means more impressions, which mean higher ROI.

“P” stands for “to Personalize”, the possibility of the digital out of home to personalize contents and messages, which is one of the best approach to amplify the relationship between brand and audience and intensify the loyalty.

With all these advantages, why not to try?

If you don’t have a clue of which DOOH software the market offers, we can suggest you ours: XuniPlay Dooh!

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