UnipolSai in Coincasa: Digital Signage and personalized apps

UnipolSai Touch Corner in Coincasa

Digital Signage and custom applications in Coincasa for UnipolSai

In the end of 2018, our partner TIM contacted us for a Digital Signage and personalized applications development project requested by the Business Development office of UnipolSai.

Starting from last year, Coincasa, Coin’s home decor, saves few square meters of its stores to partners to enrich its spaces. These companies can promote their products related to home, family and routine creating new partnerships. UnipolSai is one of the realities that has agreed and now exhibits its offering in this original environment in an intuitive way: through the digital.

The adopted digital signage software has been our XuniPlay Dooh that, together with the development of two dedicated and native applications, made the UnipolSai project possible.

UnipolSai fitting, in Coin stores of Milan and Rome, is composed of two monitors dedicated to the insurance products, placed in Coincasa floor, and a third monitor near the entrance, at the ground floor, to inform customers about the initiative and invite them to visit the space. In addition to this, both in Milan and Rome, there are Touch Corners that host tablets for all clients.

Monitors in Coincasa floor are dedicated to digital signage: they show UnipolSai insurance packages interrupted by Magic Moments, like promotions, special prices, discounts. Tablets, each one with the personalized application installed on, give information about products and it is possible to download their details.

This initiative, which is very far from the usual insurance companies’ standards, is reaching good results. Subscriptions have increased and the brand loyalty is verifiable.


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