Siemens Live Events

Siemens success case

Siemens Live Events

Siemens, the multinational corporation focused on the electrification and automation areas, signed a global contract for XuniPlay Dooh years ago and every day uses our digital signage software. For an additional need, a short time ago, the company asked for a solution to stream internal events for its employees placed worldwide and then adopted XuniPlay Video.

Thanks to the features of XuniPlay Video, Siemens personnel has been able to implement and arrange the system without external support and now they could stream live all the events the corporation organize.

One successful example is the "Hackathon Days", a big event organized in Monaco - Germany. The live streaming was available for all the 380.000 employees located in 120 branches; it occurred via web, by profiled access, and broadcasted on the digital screens of all the offices. Additionally, the video was shot using the 360° technology, then with XuniPlay Video, people were able to surf it in all the four directions thanks to the touch screens.

Siemens, with XuniPlay Video, can now involve all its employees all over the world, reducing costs and expenses.



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