Università degli studi di Milano – Bicocca

XuniPlay for Università Bicocca

E -learning videoportal for University of Milan - Bicocca

The University of Milan - Bicocca is experimenting with an innovative approach of remote participation in classes of the Nursing Science course.

The tool selected among the different options of XuniPlay Video is the e-learning platform for managing the interaction between professors and students of the secondary locations, connected to the principal place in Milan, on remote.

The auditorium in Milan is equipped with several devices (cameras, lights, audio/video matrix, video-mixing, audio tuning, projectors, and more) that can be coordinated on remote, via IP, and allow you to record or live stream the lessons. It is possible to see the lessons on the custom e-learning platform that enables each authenticated student to access the web archive. Filters make possible the research per topic, professor, and so on. The service has been integrated with other university’s systems, such as the unified, authenticated access; secretary services; lessons calendar; events, link, and other web portals.

The professor can manage the lesson through a control monitor and a custom interface which allow him to share the audio-video recording, documents, presentations in real-time; the professor can even interact with students in the far places. Students can attend lessons live, from the equipped classrooms through videoconferences, from their rooms at home via streaming or on-demand.

This innovative way to teach guarantees education and optimizes travelling times among locations.

Università di Milano - Bicocca

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