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FCA - Corporate Communication

FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Italian-American automotive group, adopted XuniPlay Dooh in 2012 because it was interested in taking advantage of the Digital Signage features in its plants, as a warn of internal corporate communication innovation.

The firsts implementations of XuniPlay Dooh occurred in the offices in Turin, then in the other Italian branches, research centers, and logistic hubs.

In FCA, the Digital Signage is used primarily to spread service communications, share data and results coming from other internal systems and logistic portals, and for urgent information, useful to all the company stakeholders.

The latest plant where XuniPlay Dooh Digital Signage has been installed in is in Ferrara; currently, the digital points dedicated to the internal corporate communication are more than 100 and the company has planned to increase the number of licenses and the involved offices in order to proceed in this innovation of its internal corporate communication.



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