Clear Channel Italia – Digital Out of Home

FSU and fashion adv

Clear Channel Italia - Digital Out of Home Advertising

Our partner Clear Channel Italia, the media company that owns a wide circuit of digital points, focuses on the FSU, the outdoor digital totems placed in the cities-centers.

Thanks to XuniPlay Dooh, Clear Channel Italia manages its digital out-of-home circuits with our Digital Signage software and guarantees innovative advertising tool to its customers. Many brands, from fashion to automotive, from food to travel sector, opt for the innovative and original digital campaigns to promote new trends and products: through the digital out of home signage circuit they reach their audiences in an engaging and innovative way.

With XuniPlay Dooh and several installations, as monitors, led-walls, video-walls, digital columns, digi-totems, it is possible to schedule shows and interactions between emotional videos and animations and capture the audience’s attention by making the advertising contents appealing and captivating.




  • FSU and fashion advertising
  • FSU and fashion adv
  • Digital totem and fashion advertising
  • Digital totem and fashion advertising

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