Clear Channel Italia in airports

Clear Channel Italia in airports

Clear Channel Italiaout of home advertising and media company, takes advantage of our XuniPlay Dooh software for the distribution of multichannel advertising campaigns on all its digital circuits located in cities, malls, and airports in Italy.

Clear Channel Italia digital circuit is composed of more than 1.500 digital points (totems, led-walls, monitors, walk-walls) in different Italian airports: Bologna, Treviso, Venice, Bari, and Brindisi, interacting with millions of travellers. In Venice airport, Clear Channel Italia has installed an e-Wall of 100 displays that synchronizes the advertising contents in real-time and shows extraordinary animations. The central control panel of the airport is managed by XuniPlay Dooh both for the digital channels (hardware) and the advertising contents and for the shows planning governance.

Thanks to the web dashboard, Clear Channel Italia can visualize in real-time which are the loaded shows and contents and verify the totems status in case of data connectivity loss.

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