Phygital Experience turns into a game with ‘CacciAItesori’

Thanks to Phygital Tools’ total integration in XuniPlay platform, an App for smartphones and some digital devices, now it is possible to offer to the citizens and tourists a new multimedia and engaging experience in any place!

This kind of experience, where the digital world embrace the physical space of the city, is called Phygital Experience: using innovative technologies, you can live an immersive experience to discover the artistic heritage of the city, benefit from daily services, tread custom itineraries with the help of AI systems.

Phygital experience was introduced in Mantova Phygital City project, made for Mantova Italian Capital for Culture 2016 and launched with the first ‘Treasures Hunt’ in Mantua streets: a fun, interactive and unique game.

Given the great success and the participation of more than 300 people, CacciAItesori has become XuniPlay’s game format.

Thanks to this format, it is possible to organize a real treasure hunt to discover the secrets and beauties of your city: we create a trail and map digitally the places with small devices (beacons) that transmit a Bluetooth signal to the user’s smartphone.

Through an application for Apple and Android, the user can solve the clues and he is driven in the target places of the treasure hunt; the app communicates with the devices and allows a continuous interaction between environment (physical place) and smartphone (digital).

Other municipalities have already request our intervention to design new ‘Treasures Hunt’ in other Italian cities to revalue our territories and cultural heritage.