XuniPlay Dooh

Engine for the digital transformation

In today's industry, quick and effective communications are the foundations for a strong digital transformation.

Digital Signage and Digital Engagement turn a simple visual experience in a immersive and interactive connection between users and providers.

Dynamic Signage

Optimize planning and programming processes by introducing automation in tools to plan the contents to be put on-air.

  • Match campaign/content attributes with your screens properties/location
  • Use simple program triggers to automate your show
  • Create immersive effects by synchronizing contents among screens
  • Engage using applications such as simple contents to be put on-air

The systems follow your planning process, from simple to encapsulated playlists, from triggered to fully-automated shows.


Engagement Hub

XuniPlay Dooh is the perfect tool to support creative teams for indoor, outdoor, mobile or hybrid Digital Engagement campaigns, focusing on a virtual connection between physical and digital world (Phygital Experience).

Create touch and proximity marketing campaigns easily by leveraging on the latest technologies; show live events; turn touch points into video communication tools, unveiling a limitless world of creativity.



XuniPlay Dooh is ready for managing advertising campaigns sold following the Programmatic, traditional or hybrid process.

As an SSP, XuniPlay Dooh improves the advertisers and media buyers’ advertising campaigns effectiveness.

XuniPlay Dooh is natively integrated with Pladway, the advertising full-stack specifically built for the Out of Home circuit, in addition to be combined with the most influential Ad Exchanger.

XuniPlay Dooh is also natively integrated with AdvOoh Reckon, a wi-fi technology-based system that evaluates and counts people in front of the screens.



XuniPlay Dooh provides a centralized administration console for admins and contributors.

Grouped by category, tens of functionalities provide a complete editorial tool to design and manage layouts to be put on screens, with a few clicks, including the touch areas programming.

A fully-secured authentication system provides a role-based platform to be adapted to any company process.


With Super Sync, you can synchronize single frames and show videos on set of displays for surprising effects.

With XuniPlay Dooh, you can coordinate external elements, as home automation systems (lights) and devices (Ambient Control), with show contents.



XuniPlay Dooh gives you the possibility to use local caches thanks to a virtual or physical Booster Machine that automates contents download and distribution.

Your digital points will always be synchronized, the contents distribution will be fast, and the bandwidth consumption very low.

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