Showroom Arneg

In collaboration with TIM and Olivetti, we have designed and implemented the interactive showroom of Arneg headquarter in Padua for guiding the customers through the entire purchase process, creating digital and real paths. Visitors can live an engaging, original, and extraordinary experience.

The showroom has been set up digitally in a multichannel perspective:

  • the app for tablets, which lead visitors in the products consulting, follows the physical placement of products or their category (map). When you are near to a specific good, a push notification appears on the tablet giving you the possibility to read the product sheet;
  • the three totems software gives access to the showroom planimetry, products placement, technical and commercial products cards.

The visitors’ experience has been positive, and the customer proved the importance of the latest engagement strategies.


TIM Olivetti


  • Digital totem in the digital showroom
  • Arneg digital showroom entrance
  • XuniPlay custom app for digital showroom
  • Digital totem in the digital showroom of Arneg
  • Arneg app on iPad
  • Digital totem in Arneg showroom

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